Released 11/11/16:


A 30 Year Retrospective Debut Anthology

Greatest Hits Boxed Set Deluxe Compilation Essential Bonus Edition Never-Before-Released Complete Discography Musical Memoir Part 1

by Scott Matthew Pittman

A 94 track collection of Scott’s solo compositions

Available on your nearest device’s music store.

Musical Life Resume:

Duck Duck: 1989-1993

The Cellar Dwellers Blues Band: 1988-1998

Slug Sandwich: unknown

Nick Fury And The Suck: 1990

The Green Rosettas: 1991

The Shods: 1993 and beyond

Poorhouse Records: 1994 (owner & producer)

The Invaders Rockabilly Band: 1994 onward

The Roebucks Doo-Wop Group: 1995-2002

Frank Morey & His Band: 2000-2013

Kiss My Ass (Pogues tribute band): 2005-2012

Midnight Mass: 2012-2014

Sugar Blood Jinx: 2013-present

Aquanutz: 2014-2016

The Wrong Reasons: 2015-2017

Barbusters: 2016..

Pinto Loco: new project with Melvern Taylor 2017

Scott & Jess (Joker & Jesster): current

The Pittmen: the future! 

I was born loving music.

Got my first drum at 2 1/2 and the instruments kept rolling in. I always hosted bands wherever I lived, meaning everyone kept their stuff at my place.

That’s the best.

I mostly play drums, percussion (all of it), guitar, piano and sing, but ya know; there’s always some new toy.

I drink coffee.

There are cats everywhere.


I love a good song.

My favorite music medium is the 45rpm.

The piece you put inside is called a spider.

If you like singing harmony you could be in the band.

I spent many years in Lowell, MA USA

(Photo by JessFoto)